IVR Pricing

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (also known as Auto-Attendant/Voice Response) is an automated phone system that allows customers to contact the appropriate department. It is a set of procedures that allow the caller’s voice and telephone keypad to navigate through the system. A technology that allows telephone companies to route calls according to the spoken words they hear from callersTraditionally, call centers relied upon agents to route and reconnect calls. IVRs eliminate call center agents’ involvement by eliminating the need to employ a switchboard operator. Prepaid Mall is offering mobile top-up service worldwide. This can make it easier to connect with more people.



IVR Pricing

VoIP technology is combined and integrated with other telephone systems to create a phone routing system. This is known as IVR. This system might also be supported with IVR software. You can also create automated meals. This will direct your calls straight to the appropriate department or agent.

An IVR (interactive voice response) system is a computerized system designed to interact with callers. It uses telephone calls to collect information and route calls appropriately to the intended recipients. An IVR system’s price per call is dependent on several factors. These include how many calls were made, how long each call took, and what features were used. The cost of an IVR system may be affected by the choice of a provider and the particular needs of the company. The features available and the provider selected will influence the cost per call. However, it’s possible to find an IVR that is both affordable as well effective by considering the business needs.

Purpose IN business:

IVR systems provide time savings and cost-effectiveness for businesses. They enable customers to access self-service and quickly solve their problems. This increases customer satisfaction and improves productivity in the call center. It is simple and intuitive to use. It’s easy to use. Just connect to the Internet and open a website browser. It is easy to set up an IVR using a limited budget.

Create your perfect combination of IVR commands and menus to ensure seamless customer service. Your team can design, manage, and manage simple or complex call flow configurations. I’ve let customers intelligently sort their queries, prioritize them in the queue and route them to appropriate teams. Call distribution plays a critical role in improving the performance and productivity of your contact center.


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