Meaning of Inbound And Outbound

What are an “Inbound Call” and an Outbound Call?

These are telephone calls that are made to a business or an individual. The inbound call can be taken by customer service representatives, salespeople, or anyone who deals directly with customers. Outbound calls are those that a Call Center agent makes directly to potential customers. An outbound call center is a call that goes outside to customers.

Difference between inbound and outbound calls

Inbound and external call centers can be seen as opposing. Outbound calls are sent out by sales representatives. Inbound calls can be used to address customer concerns and build loyalty. Inbound phone centers answer potential customers’ inbound calls. This is why you need to deliver exceptional customer service on all channels.

Outbound calls are more frequent than inbound calls and therefore have a different structure. Outbound call centers use various calling techniques to increase sales. Cold phone calls are made to potential customers who aren’t expecting them. Warm calls are initiated from previous interactions with potential customers. These include referrals from current customers and meetings at conventions.



It’s essential for small businesses to have the highest possible productivity if they want to make a name for themselves in their market. This allows employees the freedom to do their best work without worrying about being doubled as customer service agents. A small business can have an inbound contact center team that provides qualified agents who are trained and skilled to handle the increasing call volume. The cost of hiring inbound customer service representatives for a small business is high. Employers must pay for their employees individually, as well as the training costs and time involved. A business can outsource its inbound call center team to gain experience. However, this eliminates the need for businesses to worry about fluctuations. For companies in their growth phase, it can be hard to predict call volumes. An in-house team can mean that you pay your agent’s full-time wages for several months, even if they are not needed. This increases your costs. An outsourced inbound phone center can help you keep your costs down or increase depending on call volume.


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